Reality in virtual space: micro-worlds
for teaching geometry

artigo 'Reality in virtual space: micro-worlds for teaching geometry'. WEBER,
Jairo M.; dos SANTOS, Renato P.Reality in virtual space: micro-worlds for teaching geometry. WEBER, Jairo M.; dos SANTOS, Renato P. In: Proceedings of the ESERA2013 - 10th biannual Conference of the European Science Education Research Association, September 2nd-7th 2013, Nicosia, Cyprus. 2013.


The purpose of this paper is to analyze how a microworld we have built in SL can help students in building spatial geometry concepts about polyhedra within Papert’s constructionist theoretical framework. It is a 3D immersive laboratory with six rooms and interacting objects strategically arranged according to the van Hiele levels. It gives feedback and encourages students’ progression through its levels, without emphasis on the assessment tasks being completed. During the school year 2012, second and third year students from two South Brazilian high schools participated in the experiment. Here, we will analyze the interactions of one of these 26 experimental classes according to the van Hiele model of the development of geometric thought.

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